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Cutting, needlework and packaging

we give shape to ideas with extreme care and elegance
by design
to the realization

Jato 1991 takes care of all the phases internally from modeling and prototyping to the creation of the finished garment and its marketing. To do this, alongside the historic factory in San Lazzaro di Savena, in the province of Bologna, where the creation and design, production, packaging and logistics departments are located; the company has a 100% controlled factory in New Delhi with a skilled workforce of the highest quality. Over 350 employees work in the India office who create hand embroidery in full compliance with the other quality standards required by the major international fashion and accessories brands in the luxury sector.

tailoring and quality
Made in Italy

The Italian headquarters of Jato 1991 is also both a production center with highly specialized personnel and a creative center, thanks to the team of designers from the most important international fashion schools.